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Rider Incentive Program

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Velocia develops and implements customized, reward-based incentives programs for transit agencies to encourage the use of transit systems through sustainable behavior change.

Our program is different

While traditional rewards and incentives programs, such as buy 10 and get 1 free, or points saving for a large purchase, add value in many industries, these models don’t work in transit.

Velocia has redesigned the traditional rewards programs to deliver a lot more for today’s transit agencies.

What we provide

A micro-earning and redemption model that rewards riders with points to use on transit and mobility related offers more regularly.

Sustainable behavior changes with data that allows us to build a baseline of each individual rider and design campaigns that encourage incremental change in ridership patterns.

Dedicated account manager and team to ensure that all rewards campaigns are aligned with agency goals and objectives.

Our benefits

Increase baseline ridership
Convert cash paying riders to mobile ticketing or smart cards
Promote new modes of transportation
Market new bus routes or service deployments
Engage riders with a journey planning app
Change peak / off-peak ridership patterns
Partner for location or destination-based trips
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How it works

Velocia designs a rider incentive campaign that works best for your goals and objectives. We help you determine this through four main factors:

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