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About us


Our Vision

Complex challenges need simple, impactful solutions

The world of transit is full of complex challenges that take years, even decades, to solve. This includes overhauling operations to go from cash to cashless, rebuilding ridership and improving customer experience post-pandemic, and serving the growing number of mega events in the city – all while being under-staffed and under-resourced.

With all the risks, uncertainties, and intricacies of the job, transit teams need reliable, trackable, and impactful solutions they can start working with today.

At Velocia, we want to help transit agencies simplify and optimize operations, ridership, and resources with real-time impact and no big capital investments.

Our solutions

Behavior changes that stick

Using real time rewards-based solutions, we can help transit agencies solve the toughest of challenges, increasing ridership and engagement through sustainable behavior change.

We work with leading-edge transit agencies, mobility as service providers, and municipalities to hyper-target rider behavior change with rewards in real-time to drive up ridership, engagement via surveys and feedback, use of new transit services, and reduce hassles with easy data integration.

The result? Transit ridership solutions you, and your riders, can count on.

Who we are


David Winterstein

Chief Executive Officer

With over 15 years of business experience, David is a passionate leader, excited about solving the toughest problems, driving impact and demonstrating results. With a background that combines strong business acumen and 9 years working with clients and partners in the transit sector, David leverages his smart insights to help today’s transit leaders grow ridership, boost engagement and enhance the transit experience. Having built Velocia from the ground up, David continues to oversee growth and development efforts, expanding Velocia’s offering to markets across North America.   


Nate Hough

Chief Operating Officer

Nate Hough is a seasoned technology executive with over 7 years of experience in building and scaling companies. He co-founded Evolution Optiks, an ophthalmology device manufacturer, where he played a key role in the company’s growth and success. Currently, Nate serves as the COO of Velocia, where he is responsible for customer success and scaling solutions, ensuring that the company continues to deliver exceptional value to its clients.


Dustin Heimler

Vice President, Sales

For 5+ years, Dustin has worked with transit agencies of all sizes to deliver and deploy innovative transit solutions across the MaaS, on-demand transit and fare collection verticals. Bringing together industry leading partners to create a seamless experience for riders while focused on providing accountable and cost-effective outcomes for clients. Notable projects include LA Metro, Houston Metro, Calgary Transit & Miami-Dade.


Grace Hernandez

Sr. Product Manager

Grace Hernandez is a Senior Product Manager at Velocia, leveraging over four years of diverse experience in product development across both innovative startups and leading corporations. With a Bachelor of Science, Grace employs a rigorous analytical approach to drive data-driven decisions, ensuring impactful outcomes throughout all phases of the product lifecycle, from ideation to launch. Her dedication to incorporating customer feedback is central to her philosophy, guiding her efforts to address critical needs and enhance user satisfaction. Beyond her professional endeavors, Grace is an avid basketball enthusiast, equally passionate about playing on the court and cheering on the Toronto Raptors.

Driving impact through transit solutions

We know there are many big transit problems that deserve your attention – let us help you make an impact.