About Us

Our Mission

Helping Transit Agencies solve for traffic and congestion, reduce carbon emissions & allow for commuters to have more fun moving around their city

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Our Platform

Velocia is a Software as a Service (SaaS) mobility rewards platform designed to incentivize and reward people for their daily commutes. Velocia uses rewards to encourage people to get out of single occupant vehicles, and into any other form of transit – both public and MaaS – with a mission to improve the way people get around in their cities.  Velocia has experience working with Public Transit agencies, MaaS operators and municipalities.


Why We Created Velocia

Traffic congestion has a tremendous cost whether measured by lost productivity, environmental pollution, social equity, or just plain frustration. People keep moving to cities, but building new infrastructure is difficult and expensive.

Velocia rewards travelers for not driving alone, using resources that already exist. We place humans—rather than technology—at the center of our smart mobility solutions.

Our Values

Put Users & Partners First

Seek Results

Recognize Each Other

Drive With Passion

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